Histories of Computing in Eastern Europe

The Working Group is sponsoring panels on the history of computing in eastern Europe as part of the 24th IFIP World Congress in Poznań, Poland in 2018. Review of draft papers will begin May 1.

This Changed Everything

Along with the rest of Technical Committee 9, we are sponsoring panels in the Human Choice and Computers 13 conference with the theme "This Changed Everything" at the World Congress in Poznań. Papers are no longer being accepted.

Interna­tional Communities of Invention and Innovation

This workshop in New York City from 25-29 May 2016 was sponsored by Working Group 9.7.

Past Workshops

  • 2016: “International Communities of Invention and Innovation,” New York City, United States. Proceedings edited by Arthur Tatnall and Christopher Leslie (ISBN: 978-3-319-49463-0)
  • 2014: “History of Nordic Computing 4,” Copenhagen, Denmark. Proceedings edited by Christian Gram, Per Rasmussen, Søren Duus Østergaard (ISBN: 978-3-319-17145-6)
  • 2013: “Making the History of Computing Relevant,” London, England. Program | Proceedings edited by Arthur Tatnall, Tilly Blyth, and Roger Johnson (ISBN: 978-3-662-52521-0)
  • 2010: “History of Computing: Learning from the Past,” Brisbane, Australia. Proceedings edited by Arthur Tatnall (ISBN: 978-3-642-42314-7)
  • 2010: “History of Nordic Computing 3,” Stockholm, Sweden. Program | Proceedings edited by John Impagliazzo, Per Lundin, and Benkt Wangler (ISBN: 978-3-642-27019-2)
  • 2008: “History of Computing and Education 3,” stream at World Computer Congress, Milan, Italy. Proceedings edited by John Impagliazzo (ISBN: 978-1-4419-3503-8)
  • 2007: “History of Nordic Computing 2,” Turku, Finland. Proceedings edited by John Impagliazzo, Timo Järvi, and Petri Paju (ISBN: 978-3-642-26039-1)
  • 2006: “History of Computing and Education 2,” stream at World Computer Congress, Santiago, Chile. Proceedings edited by John Impagliazzo (ISBN: 978-1-4419-4187-9)
  • 2006: “Perspectives on Soviet and Russian Computing,” Petrozavodsk, Russia. Proceedings edited by John Impagliazzo and Eduard Proydakov (ISBN: 978-3-642-27082-6)
  • 2004: “History of Computing and Education,” stream at World Computer Congress, Toulouse, France. Proceedings edited by John A. N. Lee and John Impagliazzo (ISBN: 978-1-4419-5484-8)
  • 2003: “History of Nordic Computing,” Trondheim, Norway. Proceedings edited by Janis Bubenko, John Impagliazzo, and Arne Soelvberg (ISBN: 978-0-387-24168-5)

Future Conferences

  • HCC 13 panels for "This Changed Everything"
  • Histories of Computing in Eastern Europe with IFIP World Congress
  • WG 9.7 workshop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2019

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